Garage Decluttering & Organization Tips

Garage Decluttering & Organization Tips The garage wins first place! The garage is the messiest, most packed, and most disorganized space in most homes! Starting your own Operation Garge Decluttering is not hard. You can declutter and re-organize your garage and keep it that…

Couple laughing while garage decluttering in Spring Texas

Garage Decluttering & Organization Tips

Garage Decluttering & Organization Tips

The garage wins first place! The garage is the messiest, most packed, and most disorganized space in most homes!

Starting your own Operation Garge Decluttering is not hard. You can declutter and re-organize your garage and keep it that way.

No! It is not a dream to be able to tidy up your garage in under 15 minutes a week and clean it in less than 30.

With the tips and garage decluttering strategies listed below, you may be able to park your vehicle in the garage again. And keep it that way!

  • Directional Clearing
  • Ruthlessly Apply “The 6 Months” Rule
  • You’ve Cleared It, Now Clean It!
  • “Go Up, NOT Out” Storage Solutions
  • Designate Areas like a Grocery Store

Directional Clearing

When planning Operation Garage Decluttering, you need to start with a plan. You need to plan your piles, define your farthest point and work inwards and then clear the space from the bottom to the top!

Couple laughing while garage decluttering in Spring Texas

Plan Your Piles

The first thing to do is to designate your piles. Labeling them helps. We suggest a junk pile, a donation pile, and a recyclable pile. Put the junk pile closest to the curb with a “Free” sign. Those items will go like hot cakes on a wintery day.

When the piles become too much or merged, call All-In Hauling at (936) 445-8159 to schedule a pickup or two. Same-day pickups are available for appointments made before 2 pm. We will arrive on time and move the cluttered mess, giving you more space to work. If you need more than one load, we can do that.

Let us do the heavy lifting. You have enough on your plate!

Define Your Direction

We recommend starting at the garage door and working to the interior door into your home. The larger things tend to be closer to the garage door. That makes it easier to start with a direction.

Pro Tip:  If you haven’t used it or needed it in the last six (6) months, toss it!

Clear from Bottom to Top

Clear paths as you work your way to the interior door into your home. That means you need to clear areas from the floors up. Clear the items off the floor and into the correct piles. Then go to the tables. The other way around creates dangerous trip hazards and potential injury.

Apply the 6 Month Rule

In Operation Garage Decluttering, you must ruthlessly apply “The 6 Month” rule.

Usually, the word “ruthless” has a negative connotation. In this case, you need a heartless and compassionless attitude to help you stay focused on the goal — freedom from clutter, stress, and wasted time.

The 6-Month rule is – if you have not needed it, or used it in the last six (6) months, toss it!

This especially applies to “fix it projects” that you have not gotten around to. If you have not made it a priority to complete the project in the last six (6) months, you are not going to. Let it go.

WARNING:  Do Not Get Rid Of Your Spouse’s Stuff Without Written Permission! The effects are hazardous to your happiness and possibly your health. 

You’ve Cleared It, Now Clean It!

Now that your space feels more clutter-free, you need to do a good garage cleaning. First, ensure that you have enough ventilation, opening all the windows and the garage doors.

To further increase ventilation, you can add a fan in front of one of the open windows. It is always good to wear a face mask when cleaning with harsh chemicals to avoid inhaling the particles.

Start by scrubbing the ceiling and walls with a sponge mop dipped into your favorite mold-destroying disinfectant. Sponge mops are inexpensive and give you the bonus of reaching heights safely.

Pro Tip:  Consider treating your garage floor with vinyl flooring, epoxy, paint, stain, or sealer to freshen up the vibe of the garage.

Next, clean the windows, window jams, and interior doors.

Before tackling the garage door, do a quick maintenance check. Here is a brief list to consider:

  • Does the automatic door opener work smoothly?
  • Do the chains or hinges need oiling?
  • Do the seals on the door need repairing or replacing?
  • Does your home warranty include garage door maintenance?

Once you have confirmed your garage door works, it is time to vacuum and mop the floor.

Yes – Vacuum the floor. A vacuum will pick up the dirt and creepy crawlies faster and produce less dust. Remember to empty the canister frequently.

Take a mop and scrub the garage floor. Mix a half cup of baking soda in a gallon of warm water and use it as an all-purpose cleaner. For light stains and oil, mix baking soda with a few drops of liquid soap to create a scrubbing paste that will take out

minor stains.

Rinse the floor with your “power jet wand” setting on your garden watering nozzle.

Go Up, NOT Out

Once the garage is fresh and clean, install your vertical and ceiling-based storage solutions. Save the center for your vehicle or as an open project space.

There are thousands of ways to use your vertical and ceiling spaces. The options are limited to your imagination, budget, and willingness to do a few projects.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use vertical space for shelving
  • Wire baskets
  • Ceiling mounted storage for seasonal decoration storage
  • Organize with Clear Totes with lids and labels
  • Space Saving Sliding Shelves
  • Don’t waste the high space
  • Mounted Peg Board

Designate Areas Like a Grocery Store

The options for your garage space are endless, and so are the ways those clutter gremlins can come in and make a mess of everything. It is like a panic in a bank. If the spaces are not organized and corralled into designated areas, there will be pushing, shoving, and cursing. No one knows where anything is or what’s going on.

Prevent your garage from becoming your personal dump. Designate areas like a grocery store. Consider these organization tips:

  • Keep Groceries on the north wall to keep cooler longer
  • Cleaning & Laundry supplies go next to the washing machine and dryer
  • Have a car cleaning section – separate from the car maintenance
  • Tool Section
  • Car Maintenance Section
  • Seasonal Decorations go in the ceiling-mounted totes

A Word About Extras

The pandemic, supply shortages, and recent toilet paper hoarding taught us that having a bit extra on hand is good.

However, unless you have a panic room with a pantry attached,  it is best to go with the FEMA/Boy Scout version of “be prepared” rather than the “Doomsday Prepper”.

Consider limiting yourself to a month or two of supplies or to the level that fills your new garage storage but doesn’t cause overflow.

Call or email about ways to evict a tenant

Garage Decluttering & The K. I. S. S. Method

No one wants to become embarrassed by excess clutter. The KISS method (Keep It Simple Silly) is the best method for garage decluttering and simplifying your life.

If you find that your decluttering efforts have far exceeded what fits in your weekly trash tote, give All-In Hauling a call at (936) 445-8159.

We will happily swing by and take care of it for you.


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